Hot And Cold

It’s over 100 degrees here in West Covina, California, while it’s only 70-something on the beach in Huntington Beach, and this is a big problem!

Viewable in 2D or 3D.


My Phone Is Still Dying

Unfortunately, my phone is still dying, and I fear it will be totally dead any time, now.

Viewable in 2D or 3D.

The video on the right shows me moving the position of the sun in the Google Earth VR app in Huntington Beach, California, using our Oculus Rift.

Google Earth VR:

Costco On A Thursday

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° virtual reality.

The friends of the lady from West Covina, California are really heating things up around here, and I’m afraid it’s quickly going to get much worse.
This is for all the people who have never been to a Costco during the week. I thought you might want to see what it looks like on a Thursday.

Airshow Over Huntington Beach

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° virtual reality.

I’m going to ignore the lady with the big guns while I tell you about the new airshow over Huntington Beach, California that takes place this coming weekend.
Do you think I would miss seeing this? Are you crazy?

Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow:

The Cheapest Solution

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° virtual reality.

This is the car wash I’m going to try next for washing off the dust from the 10 freeway construction.
Meanwhile, the lady from West Covina, California has completely lost her marbles, and I think she has some kind of a cosplay/Disneyland fetish with a military twist.

It’s Only Dust

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° virtual reality.

I’m looking for a cheaper car wash than the one I’ve been using, since the only thing I want to wash off is the dust from the construction on the 10 freeway.
The lady from West Covina, California, who decided the camper wasn’t big enough to live in while she builds her dream house, has erected a temporary shelter where the old farmhouse once stood. She’s been looking at property over the fence next door, so maybe she’s got plans we don’t know about.

Really, Really Dirty

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° virtual reality.

The average farmer didn’t have anyone show up for his barbecue, probably because of the pork, so he found a Farmall that he hopes will help get the neighbors to accept him in the community, and
with his new double-wide driveway, he’ll be able to have one heck of a hoedown, West Covina, California style!
As you can see and hear in the 3D photos and audio, I’ve got an entirely different problem because of the massive construction on the nearby 10 freeway.

This 360 3D VR scene was created in Blender.
The 3D photos were shot with a Fujifilm W3 3D camera.
Compositing was done with Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.