An Old Western (Oculus Rift Game) On TV

I’m actually playing this game to see what an Oculus Rift recording looks like on this old TV, but since Janice likes to watch old Westerns on TV, I thought she might enjoy playing this one.
This time, I used another way to create a stereoscopic floating window in Blender, by making a texture totally transparent (the TV screen in this example), then in post compositing (Vegas Pro), placing the Blender render on the top track, and the stereoscopic 3D VR game capture on a track below it, then adjusting the parallax settings for the desired depth.

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS


On The Pier

There were very few people on the beach. Tuesdays are like that in Huntington Beach, California, this time of the year. So, I took my Weeview 3D camera up on the pier, but didn’t have a way to monitor what I was shooting, and ended up with way too much sky in the shots, so I cropped off most of the sky for this 360 3D project.

Viewable in 2D or 3D.

This is my first FOU (full resolution over/under) 360 3D video with spatial tracking audio (wear headphones to experience it). The static background was created with Blender, the composited 3D video was recorded with a Weeview 3D camera (most of the barrel distortion was removed with the Deform filter in Magix Movie Studio 14 Platinum), and the audio was recorded with a Zoom H2n and mixed with Reaper. Everything was then processed with FFmpeg (using myFFmpeg).