An Old Western (Oculus Rift Game) On TV

I’m actually playing this game to see what an Oculus Rift recording looks like on this old TV, but since Janice likes to watch old Westerns on TV, I thought she might enjoy playing this one.
This time, I used another way to create a stereoscopic floating window in Blender, by making a texture totally transparent (the TV screen in this example), then in post compositing (Vegas Pro), placing the Blender render on the top track, and the stereoscopic 3D VR game capture on a track below it, then adjusting the parallax settings for the desired depth.

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS


Oculus Go Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Now that I’ve got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from fighting with my Oculus Go, I’m going back to using an Oculus Rift. For this first recording, let’s make sure everything looks and sounds good. One problem I can hear is I placed the microphone too close to my mouth. 😦 There’s also at least one serious stereo window edge violation, but hey, you can’t win ’em all, kids…

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS

Bad Water

Stereoscopic 3D, FSBS

We are trying to create realist water in Unity that doesn’t produce stereoscopic artifacts. As you can see, the default settings in the Water4Advanced asset available in the Standard Assets Environment Package produces serious artifacts, especially when you roll your head while wearing a VR HMD, e.g., an Oculus Rift.

Prop The Binoculars Up Against A Tree Gag

(Stereoscopic 3D)

We are trying to hold the stereoscopic media player perfectly still while recording a video (with OBS) of us using it. Here we are trying an old gag where you prop a pair of powerful binoculars up against a tree to get it to hold still. In reality, what we are trying to hold perfectly still is our Oculus Rift, and we are doing that by placing it (with our head in it) up against a bookcase. So, the theory works, but now we need to perfect the method. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.