Sync By Gunshot

Syncing isolated video and audio recordings with a gunshot may not be a perfect solution, either, as you can see and hear in this stereoscopic 3D video.

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS


Hiding Spatial Audio In VRChat

An easy way to add spatial audio to a VRChat world is to hide a video somewhere with the VRC_SyncVideoPlayer, e.g., in a vehicle or behind a wall.

Viewable in 2D or 3D.

Created with Unity and the VRChat SDK.
Video editing was done with Vegas Pro 14.

No Screws and Wrong SATA Cable

I bought a 4TB internal hard drive to use strictly for video editing, but it didn’t have any mounting screws, and I bought the wrong SATA cable.

This is my first official 8K 360 3D video created by rendering a lossless FSBS AVI out of Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14, then converting it to a 60Mbps FOU mp4 with myFFmpeg.

Viewable in 2D or 3D.