An Old Western (Oculus Rift Game) On TV

I’m actually playing this game to see what an Oculus Rift recording looks like on this old TV, but since Janice likes to watch old Westerns on TV, I thought she might enjoy playing this one.
This time, I used another way to create a stereoscopic floating window in Blender, by making a texture totally transparent (the TV screen in this example), then in post compositing (Vegas Pro), placing the Blender render on the top track, and the stereoscopic 3D VR game capture on a track below it, then adjusting the parallax settings for the desired depth.

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS


Things Are Getting Worse

Not only is the boat ride still shaky, now we’ve got a shark swimming in the lake and noisy birds everywhere.

Viewable in 2D or 3D.

Created with Unity and the VRChat SDK.
Video editing was done with Vegas Pro 14.