The Cows Come Home

It’s time to play with the big boys! You can download and watch this HSBS 3D video (recorded with a Fujifilm W3 3D camera and a Sony TD30 3D camcorder) on the free Bigscreen Beta app. We’ll use our Oculus Rift, but we can also watch it with our Samsung Gear VR when that version is available, “soon”, as promised.
BTW, you can also download and watch a HSBS 3D video with any app that requires or can process the HSBS format.

Bigscreen Beta:


The Uphill Climb Continues…

Viewable in 2D or 3D.

As I show in this video, I finally got my OSVR headset and software to properly work. Since I’m not a gamer, finding a free app that can stream 3D and 360 3D YouTube videos was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

YouTube VR 360/3D Streaming Player: