Too Noisy In AltspaceVR

Here’s another video about too much background noise in AltspaceVR. This time the problem is a TV in the living room.

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS


Killing Background Noise In AltspaceVR

Hopefully, I can start using AltspaceVR again this summer, by using this technique of killing the annoying sounds of our air-conditioner and fans.
What do you think?—does this technique work?

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS

Remembering And Recognizing People

Do you remember and recognize people by their faces, by their names, or by the sound of their voices?

This video was inspired by something that happened in AltspaceVR, when someone disguised as an avatar didn’t remember or recognize me when disguised as an avatar.

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS

Mall Walking In VR

Maddy’s Law—I’ve got a Sony ECM-CS3 stereo microphone clipped on to my shirt pocket, and something is rubbing against it, as you can hear. 😦
But, I digress…
My saga of trying to get up off my butt and walk around continues. In this 3D video, I am mall walking in a real mall in AltspaceVR.

Stereoscopic 3D, HSBS