SpaceX Launch In AltspaceVR

Full Resolution Side-By-Side 3D

SpaceX launch recorded live as it happened in AltspaceVR, March 30, 2018

Screen recording with OBS while watching with an Oculus Rift:


Live-Action 3D in Virtual Reality

Viewable in 2D or 3D.

We’ve added a live-action 3D video (or slideshow) player to our virtual reality scene. We’d like to call that “progress”!
Our first demo is using the 3D SID Weeview camera, and we created the VR scene “just after sunset” to show the effect of the live-action video player’s light.

Created with Unity and the VRChat SDK.
Video editing: Vegas Pro 14
Live action 3D: SID Weeview camera

Why We Love Rain In Southern California

Viewable in 2D or 3D.

We’ve got a new puppy! Ain’t he cute? As you can see by the video playing on the TV, it’s raining hard here in southern California, which doesn’t happen very often, and that’s usually the only way our 1996 Ford Explorer SUV gets washed.

Created with Unity and the VRChat SDK.
Video editing was done with Vegas Pro 14.