Perfect Timing

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° Virtual Reality.

Let’s take a look at camera movement in 360° 3D virtual reality scenes, which will be more problematic the further we wrap them around a sphere. This one, for reference, has no movement. It is wrapped approximately 160 horizontal degrees, so the 1.3% NetD (net deviation, i.e., total stereoscopic depth) won’t hurt anyone’s eyes. It is “mounted to infinity” to avoid making anyone diverge their eyes.
I’ve added a background of my current Windows 10 desktop on my Ultrawide LG monitor, in case someone with a broken gyro in their phone happens to start the video in the wrong direction, and some people prefer to see imagery all the way around the 360 degree scene.
The 3D video was recorded with my dual Canon 3D rig, and I monitored the sync with a DIY BASIC Stamp sync monitor.
The 360° 3D VR scene was set up in a Blender Spherical Stereo project, and the final compositing was done with Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.


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