A Goofy Dust Collector?

Viewable in 3D and 2D. (Having problems? Try viewing it via YouTube.com or your YouTube app.)

You’ll want to watch this video just to see the size of Janice’s new California coffee mug! Holy crap!
I originally intended to shoot this one outdoors with my image-splitter—I explain what happened in the video.
The important question I wanted to ask in this video is will my new Goofy skin for my *New* Nintendo 3DS XL motivate me to start playing games on it?

“Control Nes” Blender model by ozzlennon: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/78487


2 thoughts on “A Goofy Dust Collector?

    • You’re very welcome. Thanks for the nice comment! I’m exploring using WordPress as a means of actual communication. Although I have used it off and on for many years (before Facebook and G+ even existed), I’ve never had much luck establishing any real chatter—mainly just an occasional response, and that’s all she wrote! 😦


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