Today’s Plans

Good morning, boys and girls. Here are my plans for today, subject to change, of course.

First, I want to show you my new no-glasses-needed 3D iPod screen protector that I’m trying to get brave enough to install, hoping it will work like some people on the Internet have reported, and not end up being just a $6 piece of EyeFlypaper for catching the fruit flies that seem to be attracted to our dark green homemade smoothies.

Sometime before noon I’ll be taking my daily dip in the hot tub, and for lunch I’ll be having black bean soup and one of my super-size dark green smoothies.

This afternoon I’ll be basking in the sun and 70’s temps at Bonelli Park, where I’m going to verify the proper stereoscopic calculations for *The Beast*, my 5-inch stereo base image-splitter. The last video I shot I accidentally used a 40mm focal length in the calculator, when it should been 50mm, thus violating my strict, precise cubic illusion rule of 2.8% to 3.8% net deviation with an eye-bulging 5%, which requires a 50 degree hFOV viewing; only 2.8% to 3.8% net deviation can produce an image unaffected by the viewing hFOV. Yup, you heard, me, partner, my cubic illusions are freaking magic like that, baby!


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